Overseas service structure: HC China & 5 HC overseas branches & 500+ qualified HC service stations
Overseas service team: 2000+ qualified engineers/mechanics
Overseas service coverage: 180+ countries & regions & 400+ models & 200,000+ units

Maintenance & Repair

A global service system with more than 500+ highly qualified Hangcha service stations & 2000+ qualified engineers/mechanics, ensuring
each of Hangcha truck is served with quick, reliable, customized and cost-efficient repair & maintenance support.
Hangcha service team is always at your side, no worry about long time service or parts waiting, no worry about damages or truck resale
value decreasing caused by improper maintenance, no worry about improper service charging.

  • Service concept

    Quick, reliable, cost-efficient

  • Flexible service contract

    Extended warranty, labor, etc.

  • Standard service procedure

    Promise, team, tools, hour counting,
    charge, etc..

  • Product experts for developing

  • Global service from manufacturer
    for core parts

  • OEM Stock plan

Technical Service

Time always comes the first when referring to technical support. That’s why Hangcha is building an on-line technical support system based on self-help trouble shooting system and Hangcha 7*24 experts on-line standby. Every Hangcha user and dealer are able to get professional guide in any time. Besides, on spot service is available to meet different technical needs, and technical communications are held termly with a goal of technical ability improving for both you and Hangcha.

  • Self-help trouble shooting system

  • 24h on-line support

  • Experts on spot service

  • Technical communications

Training Service

Only qualified operator and service mechanics can ensure the forklifts running in safe, efficient, low-cost, mode. Hangcha training service offers the choice to build up your qualified term. From product philosophy and safety knowledge, operating and maintenance skills, to service and training abilities, your sales reps, operators, mechanics, and trainers, will be armed to the teeth.

Quality Service

Have you ever imagined to have your own specialists to follow up your products from the design stage? To be involved in quality control process from the raw material input? To follow up all quality improving issues with restrict 8D process? To make an extra PDI on your own level? Even help to make inspection on products from other of your suppliers in China? Join this plan, you will get all.

  • Products developing

  • Continues quality improving plan

  • Production following

  • 8D quality control

  • Customer own PDI level

  • 3rd party quality inspection in Chinese market

Service ability building

Too much anxious to be a new competitor in the line? With no idea about what service to do or how to do, with no qualified service team, with no reasonable stock, even without a fair equipped working place? Fortunately, with Hangcha service ability building plan, you will own everything a good service provider should have.

  • Service plan/structure building

  • Technical team training

  • Parts stock plan/structure building

  • Workshop & Warehouse (including service facilities & tools) building

  • Long term on spot service

Value-added service/after-market cooperation

This can be a way to make your business big, bigger and the biggest. Deeper cooperation with Hangcha value-added service project, you will get a chance to be a pain spot killer, growing up to be a giant by contributing to whom we are working with and where we are living.

Products developing/modification

Never easily say “goodbye” to your trucks, product upgrading system can make your truck doing more. Such as function expanding, lithium battery modification, FIMS, etc

  • Recycling

  • Remanufacturing

  • Authorized service

More Solution—Fleet Management System

Do you know how does your fleet work and how much of the cost of operation?
Want to know whether there is room to save more and improve the productivity and utilization of your fleet?
With this all-in-one functional information system upon the internet of things technology, you will find a productive and intelligent fleet management
system that can optimize your material handling fleet, reduce the cost of operation and manage your workforce in a better way.

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